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At Village Hearthstone, which sits amid corn fields and dairies in the tiny town of Hilbert, a vibrant and unique dining scene is taking shape.

Here, Chef Tracy ( former farm-kid, restaurateur, food-lover) has put together an outpost of innovative cuisine that embraces the old and the new.  Her unique and lyrical cuisine ( pig candy or an alfalfa martini anyone?) looks back to the traditions of agricultural communities and also forward as global influences and a new emphasis on local ingredients creates a hybrid dining experience.

Using local farmers, organic cooperatives, a patio full of herbs for ingredients and a constantly changing menu, our cozy and casual restaurant is becoming a must-visit stop for diners throughout the region. From the wood-warm interior made of reclaimed materials once in the village's first mercantile to its modern renditions of farm-focused food , to its unique wine, beer and cocktail selection, Village Hearthstone delivers a unique experience.

An award winning 150+ bottle wine list and graceful selection of beers and liquor surprises many guests as well.

We have a special connection to farm-focused food and rural culture. It’s our pleasure to bring that vision to the plate and share our enthusiasm for farming and food.





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